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OctAssist is dedicated to providing robust solutions for your operational needs. With an emphasis on enhancing customer experience through exceptional service, we assist Account Managers across various tasks, from ad hoc tasks to claims process handling. We treat your administration as our own, enabling your business to scale, grow, and maximise profitability.

OctAssist offers numerous benefits to businesses, by embarking with us, your company can achieve cost savings, access a skilled talent, improve productivity, and enhance your focus on core functions.

Why Choose Us?

Enhance Efficiency

We manage your processes in a timely and precise manner.

Effective Communication

Skilled in client correspondence via email, phone or teleconferencing.

Excellent Customer Service

Our commitment for client satisfaction enhances their experiences.

At OctAssist, what we believe in to what we stand for.


being responsible for our work makes us want to do better, so we set goals, listen to our clients, and keep trying to improve all the time.


If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together (H. Ford). We work together toward a common goal.

At OctAssist the team’s input is paramount to our success. We want every team player to contribute so that they feel like they are just not a number but contributing to the overall success of your business.

Your success is our success.

Employee development

We invest and foster in our employees personal and professional development.

We believe that when our team are valued, feel happy, have a good work life balance, health and education the company performs better as a whole leading to better outcomes for all.

The team feels like they have room to grow and a path forward to succeed.


Having strong principles to guide our decision and actions, to never betray the idea of doing what is right.

We do this by providing a safe workplace, fair wages, and employee benefits and all the requirements that a staff member is entitled to by meeting all relevant laws.

It is important that we uphold the highest level of ethics to be able to sustain a good reputation and act as an example to our peers in the industry.

Hard work

At OctAssist we believe going the extra mile and putting in the work to see our clients satisfied is one of the best feelings that we get.

We do this by being reliable, responding in a timely manner, with a no nonsense and straightforward attitude when it comes to tasks.

There are no tasks that is too small or big for us we take it on.

Meet The Team

At OctAssist, our team is like a diverse family, each bringing unique skills and experiences to the table. This dynamic ensures we have the optimal blend to cater to all your business process outsourcing needs. Together, we’re here to collaborate seamlessly and provide top-tier support and that feels personalised just for you. View screenshot

Binh (Alec) Phan

Operations Manager - Vietnam

Ricky Quach

Managing Partner

Vincent Nguyen

Operations Executive - Australia

Thuy Nguyen

Marketing & Finance Executive

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